Wrought Iron Deck Railings

Wrought iron deck railings have become a timeless choice in today’s architectural trends. At King Iron Works we specialize in crafting high-quality and modern custom deck railings for your outdoor space which will elevate its aesthetic appeal. Wrought iron railings are not only suitable for decks but can also be used for balconies, porches, and staircases. Their versatility makes them a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties.

Deck Railing Ideas

The possibilities of iron deck railing ideas are endless. From traditional to contemporary, wrought iron railings come in a variety of designs and styles to suit your preferences. Explore our portfolio for inspiration and discover the perfect railing design.

Railing “Veranda”

“Veranda” is one of our signature designs that we have fabricated and installed for several of our customers in Beverly Hills, Encino, Santa Monica and other cities. It’s also very common for Iron Balconies and Stair Railings.
Deck Railings crafted by our workers will give a nice look to your house deck.


Custom Deck Railing in Los Angeles

We understand that every property is unique. So we offer custom deck railing solutions tailored to your specific needs and preferences. The installation of wrought iron deck railings is a meticulous process that requires precision and expertise. Consider installing an outdoor metal deck railing to add a modern touch to your outdoor space while ensuring safety and durability. Our team of professionals at King Iron Works ensures that every railing is installed securely and according to industry standards.

If you looking for “custom deck railing near me in Los Angeles“, you are in the right place. As a leading iron deck railing contractor in Los Angeles, we will suggest endless options of iron works for your specific needs.