“As a local family business, King Iron Works loves working with humble homes and modest neighborhoods that may need a simple door or a security fence. The excitement in our shop was almost palpable when we found out that we had the opportunity to fabricate a grand staircase railing for an international celebrity.

Earvin “Magic” Johnson became a household name in the early 80’s as an American professional basketball player for the Lakers. His career achievements include three NBA MVP Awards, nine NBA Finals appearances and twelve All- Star games. He remains as a popular icon for being a great athlete, philanthropist, media figure, entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

King Iron Works is proud and honored to serve the home of Magic Johnson and his family.

Having Magic Johnson as our customer, we knew that we had to step up our game. We were very motivated and eager to come up with exciting ideas and design concepts that will reflect the style and personality of such an iconic man. For the main staircase, we were presented with a design of circular rings, varying in sizes, flowing fluidly down the steps. We wanted it to almost feel like air bubbles floating against the wind on a beautiful summer day. The design is definitely unique and would be very challenging to duplicate.

The Contractors had requested for a small sample of how the design would look like. Within a few days, we had a sample ready, and the Contractors loved it.

After we had mapped out the design and it was approved, our men immediately went to work. We had the challenging task of making sure that the circles were not too spread apart and that they are elegantly placed together. We had crates and crates of ring pieces in different sizes ready to be welded and attached to one another. We also had to make sure that all the circular rings were smoothened out. Our workers sanded down both sides of the ring, keeping the thickness of the rings at the same size. More than 1,000 rings were each individually hand polished and cleaned to ensure perfection. Then, we carefully welded each and every circle together, piece-by-piece, to guarantee that there were no unpleasant weld marks.

During installation, our workers were strictly professional. The railings were very heavy and it took 7-8 men to carry it. We made sure that all of the Johnson’s belongings were protected during the installation. Moreover, we wanted everything to be completed in a timely manner so we worked double time to meet our deadline goal.

For an athlete who constantly inspires people and for a man who continuously gives back to his community, we wanted to make sure that our job reflects Mr. Johnson’s generosity and contributions. Some may assume that the meticulous detail and care put on this project were done because we were serving a high profile celebrity. However, the time, effort and attention to detail that we provided for the Johnson family is the similar time, effort and attention to detail that we provide for all our clients. Here at King Iron Works, we treat all our customers with respect and enthusiasm, ultimately delivering quality ironwork to make them feel like a true MVP.”