Wrought Iron Sliding and Swing Gates

King Iron Works in Los Angeles offers a wide range of wrought iron gates, including wrought iron sliding and swing gates. These high-quality iron gates combine elegance with security, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any property. With King Iron Works, customers can expect expert craftsmanship and durable gate solutions tailored to their needs.

Swing and Sliding Gate Designs

These types of iron gates are a popular choice for home entrances due to their space-saving design and ease of operation. There are various sliding gate designs available to complement different architectural styles and personal preferences. From sleek and modern designs to more traditional or ornate options, homeowners can choose a gate that not only enhances the security of their property but also adds aesthetic value. Factors such as materials, automation features, and customization options play a crucial role in selecting the perfect sliding gate design for your home.

Gate “Hollywood”

The beautiful romantic details of our “Hollywood” design are truly reflective of the city of love. Inspired by one of the most magical places in the world, the artistic and intricate design of this double eyebrow-arched gate definitely gives off a unique sparkle. The ascending vertical bars create the perfect linear contrast amidst the organic scrollwork of the “Hollywood.” Not only does the “Hollywood” design have an unmatched aesthetic appeal, but it also features an operable hinged gates that opens independently for convenience and security. Choose an iron gate that makes a statement and add the romance and culture of “Hollywood” to your property.

Gate “Downtown”

Beautiful handcrafted scrollwork comes together with ornate vertical bars to create King Iron Works “Downtown” gate design. Your home will definitely become the envy of all of your neighbors within the community with this gorgeous custom gate. The eyebrow-arched gate is a fusion of classic style and contemporary design. With corresponding scrolls on the gate, there is a beautiful and fluid sense of symmetry that is extremely appealing to the eye. All of King Iron Works products including the “Downtown” have been previously dreamed, designed, handcrafted and custom made by master artisans for immediate purchase.

Gate “Sinatra”

We were originally approached by a contractor wishing to modify and install an old wrought iron gate into a new location. During our initial inspection of the gate, we immediately noticed that this gate was a very special one. In fact, belonged to the late Frank Sinatra. The gate was impressive and majestic. The original iron was made from heavy-duty material and the elaborate design is beautiful. Because the location where we were to do the installation was smaller than the original location of the gate, we had to delicately slim down the Sinatra gate to fit properly. We had to ensure that we do not sacrifice the original design of the gate while ensuring that the heavy gate is propped right up.


What is the difference between swing and sliding gate?

When it comes to choosing between a sliding gate and a swing gate, there are some key differences to consider.

  • Sliding gates are ideal for properties with limited space as they open by sliding horizontally along a track. They are great for driveways with slopes or uneven terrain where a swing gate may not be practical. In terms of operation, sliding gates require less clearance space compared to swing gates, making them more versatile in tight spaces.
  • Swing gates open by swinging either inward or outward like a door, making them suitable for properties with ample space. However, swing gates have a traditional charm and aesthetic appeal that many homeowners prefer.

Ultimately, the choice between a wrought iron sliding gate and swing gate will depend on factors such as available space, terrain, desired aesthetics, and budget constraints.

Sliding And Swing Gates in Los Angeles, CA

Sliding and swing metal gates are highly favored among property owners in Los Angeles, CA seeking to elevate security measures and infuse a sense of sophistication into their residential or commercial spaces. These gate options not only offer convenience, style, and practicality but also serve as an additional barrier for enhanced protection. Whether one leans towards the modern allure of sliding gates or the timeless charm of swing driveway gates, there exists a diverse array of choices tailored to meet individual requirements and tastes in Los Angeles.