All homeowners value the peace of mind that comes from a sturdy and secure gate. Before, the purpose of a gate was to serve as a protective unit, providing security and privacy. The primary intention of a gate was to ward off strangers and to keep burglars away from your home. Although that purpose still stands true today, with updated styles and designs, gates can also give our homes more warmth and elegance.

Before, the bigger and more imposing a gate is, the better. People sleep more soundly at night knowing that their gates are sturdy and can keep unwanted characters from entering their homes. Unfortunately, such gates often cost an arm and a leg and only the wealthy can afford these protective gates. With the amount of labor, materials and machinery needed, the availability of a strong, sturdy and protective gate became a luxury that most people cannot afford.

Today, homeowners still have gates built to secure their homes or the homes of their loved ones. At King Iron Works, we have plenty of clients who have requested a gate to be made not only for their homes but also for the houses of their elderly parents. We always sought to be competitive with our estimates, and our prices are affordable and will cater to your budget.

With today’s technology and advancements, state of the art wrought iron gates now have more security- oriented features such as facial recognition, internet- connected digital cameras and remote controls from your iPhones or iPads. These high-tech devices add an extra layer of protection for you and your family.

Wrought iron gates can now be custom made and personalized so they can better suit your style and design ideas. You can now boast your artistic vision and at the same time, keep burglars away from your home. The peace of mind that you receive knowing that you and your loved ones are safe and secure is priceless.