Wrought Iron Security Gates

Fortify your home with our wrought iron security gates in Los Angeles. In the realm of residential security, King Iron Works introduces a stellar collection of wrought iron gates designed to safeguard homes in Los Angeles and beyond. Our commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and security is unparalleled, making our security gates the optimal choice for homeowners seeking both protection and aesthetic appeal.

We provide a comprehensive security solution for all our customers. Our residential security gates are equipped with advanced locking mechanisms, reinforcing the safety of your home. From traditional designs to modern innovations, our range caters to diverse tastes while maintaining the highest standards of security.

Security Gate Styles

Security Gate “Simpla”

For a simple and classy look “Simpla” is the way to go for your security gate. This is very common for commercial projects as it’s easy to install and the height can be easily adjusted to 8ft or 6ft tall. The punch pickets give extra security and a nicer look.

Security Gate “Exobold”

Exobold is a nice and unique design for a security gate. It’s a nice choice for many residential house as it’s gives a nice look to the house. The Exobold usually comes in black or dark brown color, but you can choose from any of the finish colors from our color chart and we will gladly customize it for you. It’s a very durable gate that can serve for you for years.


Iron Security Gate Installation Los Angeles

For reliable and strong security gates in Los Angeles, contact King Iron Works today and get a free estimate. We offer affordable security gate fabrication and installation in Los Angeles County. Security gates are commonly used for commercial and industrial warehouses as well as residential projects to secure houses.

Our security gate installation service in Los Angeles is a testament to precision and excellence. From the meticulous assessment of your property’s security needs to the final installation, our expert team ensures that every step is executed with care and attention to detail. Beyond the conventional functionality of security gates, our installation service incorporates advanced features to provide a comprehensive security solution. So, your safety is our priority, and our service aims not only to fortify your property but also to seamlessly integrate with the distinctive architectural aesthetics of your surroundings.