Motorized Gate for Driveway

When considering the installation of a motorized gate for your driveway in Los Angeles, King Iron Works offers a wide range of options to enhance both security and visual appeal. An electric wrought iron gate not only adds sophistication to your property but also provides unmatched convenience and peace of mind for residential and commercial customers. With various choices available, King Iron Works ensures that different needs are met effectively.

Electric Iron Gates Styles

King Iron Works specializes in crafting custom electric iron gates that are not only durable and secure but also visually appealing. Available in a variety of designs, from classic to contemporary, you can choose a style that complements your architectural aesthetics. Whether you are looking for a traditional design or a more modern look, their motorized gates for driveways can be tailored to suit your specific needs and style preferences.

Gate “Kingly”

Inspired by the magic and promise that comes after sunset, our “Kingly” design is truly dreamy. The eyebrow-arched double gate features gorgeous wood panels and detail that makes it extremely unique. With corresponding rectangular bottom panels on each gate, adding the “Kingly” design to your property will certainly improve the curb appeal of your property. The hammered accessaries accents amongst the ornate detail give this design an organic touch that sets it apart. When choosing a King Iron Works, you can rest assured knowing you are investing in the highest quality iron gates available on the market today. The gorgeous “Kingly” design will take only one day to install, but will result in a lifetime of aesthetic appeal and security for your home.

Gate “Hollywood”

The beautiful romantic details of our “Hollywood” design are truly reflective of the city of love. Inspired by one of the most magical places in the world, the artistic and intricate design of this double eyebrow-arched gate definitely gives off a unique sparkle. The ascending vertical bars create the perfect linear contrast amidst the organic scrollwork of the “Hollywood.” Not only does the “Hollywood” design have an unmatched aesthetic appeal, but it also features an operable hinged gates that opens independently for convenience and security. Choose an iron gate that makes a statement and add the romance and culture of “Hollywood” to your property.

Gate “Sinatra”

We were originally approached by a contractor wishing to modify and install an old wrought iron gate into a new location. During our initial inspection of the gate, we immediately noticed that this gate was a very special one. In fact, belonged to the late Frank Sinatra. The gate was impressive and majestic. The original iron was made from heavy-duty material and the elaborate design is beautiful. Because the location where we were to do the installation was smaller than the original location of the gate, we had to delicately slim down the Sinatra gate to fit properly. We had to ensure that we do not sacrifice the original design of the gate while ensuring that the heavy gate is propped right up.


Automatic Gate Installation Los Angeles

To maximize the benefits of an electric iron gate, professional installation is key. Experienced technicians can assess your property’s layout and requirements, ensuring proper automatic gate installation and optimal performance. Additionally, regular maintenance checks and servicing will prolong the lifespan of your gate, keeping it in top condition for continued reliability and security.

In conclusion, an electric iron gate offers a combination of security, style, and convenience for your property. With advanced features, customizable designs, and durable construction, it’s an investment worth considering for enhancing both the aesthetics and safety of your commercial or residential property. By choosing an electric iron gate, you’re not just securing your property—you’re adding a timeless element of sophistication to your surroundings.

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