Tough Weather; Tougher Iron

The current heat wave that is sweeping across Southern California is just another example of how the weather in the greater Los Angeles area can be unpredictable. We often experience a flip flop between a couple of weeks under extreme heat, followed by a few weeks of rain and cold weather. This tends to cause a lot of apprehension for plenty of homeowners who have any type of exterior wrought iron product installed outside their property. Extreme weather conditions tend to oxidize the iron faster and flake off weaker paint jobs. This becomes a nightmare for homeowners who will have to spend a lot of money on repair, not to mention touch up paint for any chipping or peeling areas brought on by rain or extreme heat.

King Iron Works is well aware of the weather restrictions and climate moods that our Southern Californian clienteles face year after year. The materials that we utilize are domestic and heavy gauge, ready to face the tough weather climates that we may face. We also fabricate a lot of wrought iron work for areas such as Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and Newport. Most of these cities are exposed to seawater and are often damp. They would require an extra layer of protection to maintain the strength and durability of their exterior gates. We always recommend galvanizing the products to prolong the oxidation time. Galvanizing also works well with residential fences and front gates that are exposed daily to sprinkler water.

Another measure that we take to ensure the lasting quality of our products is utilizing excellent paint materials. First of all, most of our paints have zero VOC (volatile organic compound) to protect our clients from inhaling any dangerous fumes. Secondly, every gallon of paint we order guarantees that our client’s exterior fences or patio railings would look brand new even as time passes on. The paint that we use on our wrought iron products do not scratch or fade as easily as the paint used by other companies. Most of our clients always comment on how they cannot believe the final product is not powder coated. We always mention to our clients how they can save money by skipping powder coating and simply using our paint as a complete finish.

We welcome anyone who is concerned about heavy weather changes and their effects on exterior wrought iron projects to come visit our showroom. Here, they can examine the strength of our materials and paint, giving them an ease of mind, knowing full well that their iron products are built to last the test of time and Southern California weather.