Commercial Iron Fence

King Iron Works’ commercial iron fences offer the perfect blend of security and timeless elegance. Ensuring the security of your commercial property is non-negotiable. Commercial wrought iron fences serve as the first defense line, deterring trespassers and enhancing privacy. Crafted from wrought iron, our fences in Los Angeles provide unparalleled durability and strength, offering peace of mind knowing that your premises are safeguarded round the clock.

Commercial Wrought Iron Fences Styles

Introducing commercial fence and iron works of King Iron Works, your trusted source for premium fencing solutions in Los Angeles. We specialize in delivering top-quality commercial fences, iron gates, doors, railings, and more. Our commercial iron fences are not just about security they are also about making a unique exterior of property. With a wide range of design options from classic styles to ornate scrollwork, these fences add a touch of sophistication to any setting. Whether you’re seeking elegant wrought iron designs, intricately crafted gates, or stylish railings, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled service.

Fence “SimpleCom”

King Iron Works Simple Collection is designed with contemporary and minimalistic properties in mind. The simple fence within this collection aim for the linear over the organic, and feature sleek and simple designs and hardware that truly stand out. “The Simple” is previously and carefully handcrafted to create a clean look that divides the sleek and stunning fence into symmetric equal panels. This fence design will instantly improve the curb appeal and reflect the stylish design of your property. Whether your taste is traditional or contemporary, choosing King Iron Works means you are investing in the best quality iron works on the market today. Improve the curb appeal of your property at an affordable price.

Fence “Playground”

The fun design of our “Playground” iron gate truly makes a statement. Not only will this high quality double gate protect your property, but it will instantly add a sophisticated look to the entrance of your property. A beautiful fun iron gate like the “Playground” has the power to add curb appeal to your property and make your neighbors turn heads as they drive by. Be the envy of the community and protect your property with the elegant and classic “Playground” design. Any guest that enters your property through these ornate and stylish gates is truly lucky! By choosing King Iron Works, you are investing in quality you can trust. With installation that generally takes no more than a day, you are adding beauty and protection to your property that will last a lifetime.


Wrought Iron Fence Los Angeles

When selecting a wrought iron fence for your property in Los Angeles, it’s essential to consider both design aesthetics and functional requirements. Choose a design that complements the architectural style of your property while enhancing its overall visual appeal. Before installing a wrought iron fence in Los Angeles, property owners must familiarize themselves with local building codes and zoning regulations. These regulations may dictate fence height limitations, setback requirements, and permit application procedures.

Commercial Wrought Iron Fence Installation

Installation of commercial wrought iron fences requires precision and expertise to ensure optimal security and functionality. From site preparation to post-setting and panel installation, each step demands meticulous attention to detail. Hiring experienced professionals is key to achieving a flawless installation that withstands the test of time and weather elements.

Many wrought iron fence manufacturers offer customization options to tailor the fence to your specific needs. Whether you require custom heights, decorative accents, or personalized gates, collaborating with a skilled fabricator ensures that your fence reflects your unique vision. So, contact us today for expert consultation and professional installation