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King Iron Works, Inc. takes pride in providing the finest quality hand crafted iron work, a standard we have met for over 40 years. By combining both traditional and modern means of welding, we bring years of expertise to fit your individual needs. Our 8000 sq ft showrooms are full of classic and contemporary designs, many of which have been used throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Along with our time tested designs, King Iron Works offers uniquely customized and hand forged wrought iron tailored for you. With a lifetime dedicated to constructing distinctive iron designs, lead Designer Vahak Der Sarkissian will personally work with you and hand sketch any design to meet your needs. We will create any vision you may have into a 100% handmade, painted and installed custom iron work.

A little more about us…

Family owned and operated since its inception more than 40 years ago, King Iron Works has been committed to creating unmatched workmanship and precision at a price guaranteed to satisfy. Simply put, we believe that we can bring to life any idea that you may have! Come and take a look at our 8000 sq ft showroom for ideas or sit down with lead designer Vahak Der Sarkissian and design your very own masterpiece.



  1. Take a picture of where your project is to be installed.
  2. Take rough measurements and find a design/ style you like. (If you do not have a set design in mind, do not worry! Just let us know if you want a simpler or more decorative design).
  3. Email us all these information along with a good call back number and the job site address.

We will email you back an estimate as soon as possible!  Once the pricing is approved, we will schedule King Iron Works to visit your job site, take final measurements to confirm the estimate, help you customize the perfect design and begin fabricating your project! It is as simple as 1- 2- 3!


At King Iron Works, Inc., our commitment to providing quality hand crafted commercial and residential iron work coincides with our commitment to sustainability and pursuing initiatives that allow us to operate more efficiently in providing iron products that are environmentally responsible. Here are the many ways we meet our environmental goals:

  • We comply with city standards.
  • We recycle all iron not used in creating our quality iron work.
  • We will pick up any iron you do not need and recycle if for you within 24 hours. Simply give us a call at (818) 281-4061.

We realize that we are a part of a larger community and take pride in doing our part to be environmentally responsible.