The glamorous and private Beverly Hills estates are no strangers to luxury wrought ironwork. Many homeowners in Beverly Hills, California choose custom ironwork for the protection and aesthetic appeal of their properties. Ironwork has been the first choice of residents in Beverly Hills and other affluent neighborhoods for not only its form, but also function. Grand iron gates or doors improve the curb appeal of any property the moment they are installed. As a trusted source of security, wrought iron gates, doors and windows are a luxurious way to protect your home and family, in any city. Beverly Hills is home to many of Hollywood’s hottest stars. Countless celebrities reside in the manicured streets of Beverly Hills. Tourists flock to the renowned community in hopes of spotting famous faces as they dine, shop, and socialize amongst the stars. Landmarks throughout the infamous town include Rode Drive, The Beverly Center, the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel, and even the notoriously opulent street signs. Many Beverly Hills residents and business owners have trusted the experience and expertise of King Iron Works for the protection and aesthetic their properties. We have had the pleasure of designing custom iron gates, windows, doors, and other unique installations that have made the entrances of many gorgeous Beverly Hills estates even grander.

The timeless luxury of custom wrought ironwork makes it an architectural staple that will never go out of style. Beverly Hills homes have been designed and protected by wrought iron gates and doors for ages. No matter how many years go by, ironwork never loses its lavish appeal and level of security. It is for this reason that homeowners choose wrought ironwork for their properties, time and time again. The King Iron Works team of designers and artisans is extremely passionate about the appeal and protection wrought ironwork offers homeowners and their families. We take pride in creating custom installments that have been dreamed by our clients and designed and brought to life with our help. As a family owned and operated business for over forty years, King Iron Works understands how priceless and important it is to protect the privacy and ensure the safety of your family home.

Get inspired by the grand estates that adorn the beautiful streets of Beverly Hills. We can work together to create custom ironwork for your property that brings the prestigious feel of Rodeo Drive to your front door. King Iron Works is proud to serve the many beautiful cities within the Greater Los Angeles Area, big and small.