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Meet the “Retina Design”: A Premier Design Custom Built for a Contemporary La Canada Home

Iron stairs and handrails are the most effective way to create a lasting first impression on any guest that walks into your home. Impress all of your visitors and enjoy the custom look of iron steps and handrails for the main staircase. King Iron Works specializes in custom wrought iron designs including iron doors, gates, stairs, handrails, and other accents that truly add luxury to the design of your home or commercial property. Our projects throughout Los Angeles in cities including Beverly Hills, La Canada, Glendale, Burbank, Hollywood and Pasadena include staircases and custom handrails that truly make a unique statement. King Iron Works designs have been featured in design publications for inspiration, including the showcase “Retina” Design. The “Retina” staircase is a premier iron staircase and handrail design that was created for a gorgeous La Canada Mansion.

The general contractor for the La Canada project that featured the esteemed “Retina” staircase was Dave Paynter of Paynter Construction. We have worked with Mr. Paynter many times on various projects, and it is always a pleasure collaborating with his organized, professional and talented team. The owner of the property, Robert, was also great to work with throughout the entire process. We kept in close contact with both Robert and Mr. Paynter to ensure that the client and his team were satisfied during the design and fabrication of the installation. The “Retina Design” is a very sleek and contemporary design that fit the modern look of the beautiful La Canada property. Featuring symmetrical designs and a very modern and linear look, this innovative installation truly adds even more character and luxury to the property. The King Iron Works team custom designed and fabricated the entire staircase including the steps and railings for the exterior and interior of the property. This installation is definitely one of our showcase designs. The contemporary staircase has and continues to receive attention and admiration from prospective clients and various design publications.

King Iron Works can create wrought iron staircases, railings, and other custom designs for your home or business no matter what unique style or particular look you are trying to achieve. The aesthetic versatility and timeless style of wrought iron makes it a popular choice for luxury homes and estates. The timelessness and strength of custom wrought iron designs are unparalleled. Custom iron installments will maintain their charm and continue to embellish your home through many decades. At King Iron Works, our extensive portfolio that spans over forty years of projects truly represents the reliability and quality craftsmanship of our time-tested designs. We have built a reputation for our dependable and precise designs that are created and fabricated to match the vision of the client as accurately as possible. When working with King Iron Works, you will be involved in the creative process every step of the way. If you’re interested in creating a custom staircase installation for your home or business, or have another unique project idea in mind, visit the King Iron Works eight thousand square foot showroom for inspiration and a consultation regarding your project. We look forward to hearing your ideas and making your vision come to life.