Iron Doors, Gates, Fences Santa Monica

Whether you’re drawn to the versatile city because of the busy and exciting metropolitan feel, exciting attractions, immaculate shopping opportunities, the gorgeous strand, or the diverse culture, Santa Monica is one of the most popular beach cities in Southern California. As one of Los Angeles County’s major tourist destinations, the Santa Monica Pier and Third Street Promenade are a few favorite stops for SoCal visitors. The streets of Santa Monica are always packed with both locals and visitors, especially on the weekends. With a rich art and entertainment culture, it’s difficult to be bored when spending time in this part of town.

Many Los Angeles residents travel out to Santa Monica to unwind and enjoy their days off. Sometimes a long drive along the iconic Pacific Coast Highway is just what you need to wind down the busy workweek! Beyond the many tourist attractions and popular landmarks in Santa Monica, this beach city is a highly desirable place to live and work.

King Iron Works takes pride in serving the wonderful residents and business owners of Santa Monica. We have had the pleasure of working with locals to protect and adorn their beach homes with high quality luxury iron doors, gates, windows, and more. From sleek and simplistic modern homes to extremely grand and traditional estates, our team has created gorgeous custom designs for our Santa Monica clients. The hustle and bustle of Santa Monica makes it the ideal destination for businesses, retail stores, offices, and any other commercial properties. Santa Monica business owners have opted for custom ironwork designed and installed by our experienced team of designers and artisans to enhance the aesthetic and protect their commercial properties.

One of the featured projects in our extensive portfolio is the 1511 15th Street Apartments in Santa Monica. Located in the heart of the beach city, this apartment complex showcases a beautiful array of colorful balcony railings that King Iron Works facilitated in fabricating and installing. This brand new building boasts a unique look that makes it stand out from the neighboring structures. Our team is proud to have been part of such a successful project. Don’t forget to read more about the details of this unique project on our blog.

No matter what project we are working on throughout Los Angeles, King Iron Works takes pride in providing the finest quality hand crafted ironwork, a standard we have met for over forty years.