Hermosa Beach, California is one of Los Angeles’ awesome beach cities. With a great sense of community, a gorgeous natural backdrop, many things to do, awesome restaurants, and a location that is just moments from the strand, Hermosa Beach residents are proud to call this gorgeous Southern California city home. Living and working along the California coast is truly a luxury. The residents and business owners of Hermosa Beach have trusted King Iron Works with the design of their homes for over four decades. We take great satisfaction in enhancing the already impressive aesthetic of this stunning beach city. Ironwork is a great choice when it comes to beach house design. Ironwork has been preferred for many centuries because of its timeless aesthetic appeal, strength, and security.

Depending on the unique style of your home or business, King Iron Works can custom design iron gates, doors, windows, transoms and other accessories to perfectly match the tone of your property. Ironwork can fit any style, from ultra modern to traditional. Your vision is important to the King Iron Works team. We will work collaboratively with you every step of the way to ensure that your vision comes to life.

For contemporary beach homes, we could design ultra modern pieces that will give the façade of your property a sleek and contemporary look. Gorgeous glass designs will be the perfect fit for a contemporary Hermosa Beach home. Although King Iron Works specializes in custom wrought iron designs ranging from iron gates and doors to more decorative iron accents, we are no strangers to glass.  From glass gates to glass balcony and stair railings, our talented team of artisans have created many sleek and contemporary custom glass designs that uphold the King Iron Works standard. Our contemporary glass designs and projects have been showcased in the King Iron Works EYE series. Take a look at the stunning glass pieces within this collection by flipping through our contemporary diary on the King Iron Works website for ideas and inspiration. No matter how complex and original a glass and iron project idea might be, at King Iron Works we are always eager to do whatever we possibly can to bring the clients’ vision to life.

For ironwork in Hermosa Beach that is more reflective of old world luxury and traditional designs, the King Iron Works portfolio offers a broad range of styles showcasing some of our most detailed and traditional creations. We will work with you to ensure that every meticulous detail of your custom traditional design is representative of your taste and the style of your Hermosa Beach home.