King Iron Works offers luxury hand crafted wrought iron work to many cities in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Throughout LA, we have worked in many beautiful beach cities, including the gorgeous Manhattan Beach. Many consider Manhattan one of the best beaches in Southern California. Known for its extra-long, but not overcrowded pier, clean streets, and modern restaurants, Manhattan Beach is an excellent place to be, whether you’re living there or just visiting for some much needed rest and relaxation. The coastal city offers the excitement of beach living, without the unbearable crowds and unavoidable traffic of other popular LA beaches. According to the city’s website, Manhattan Beach is the “ ‘Pearl of the South Bay,’ and home to fashionably chic shopping, award winning chefs, mouth-watering dining options steps from the beach, and amazing sunsets.”

As you walk along the Manhattan Beach strand, you will notice the ironwork protecting and adorning many gorgeous beach houses. Although the style of beach houses varies greatly, from modern and simplistic to traditional Spanish style homes, the King Iron Works team can create custom ironwork that fits the look and feel of each unique home. Most importantly, wrought iron gates, doors, and windows offer trustworthy protection for your home and family. As a family owned and operated business it is important for us to contribute to the safety and security of our clients and their families.

The beauty of wrought iron comes not only from its toughness and strength, but also from its malleability and ductility. The fact that something so solid can be shaped into a beautiful design makes wrought iron the perfect combination of strength and aesthetics. The malleability of wrought iron allows our clients to personalize and custom design their iron projects according to their vision and style. Wrought ironwork is a timeless choice that will hold its value and aesthetic appeal for many years to come. Whether you’re looking for ironwork for your Manhattan Beach home, or want to bring the beachside feel of Manhattan to your busy city, our team of designers and artisans will be there to achieve the look you have envisioned for your property.