As the world-renowned mecca for the entertainment industry, Hollywood, California has been one of the most desirable towns for residents and visitors, for a countless number of years. The star-studded city holds many famous landmarks including Paramount Studios, the infamous Hollywood sign, the Capitol Records Building, The Hollywood Bowl, Sunset Boulevard, and The Kodak Theater, amongst many other famous destinations. If you’re not looking for the names of your favorite Hollywood stars on the walk of fame, you’re probably cruising through Tinseltown en route to celebrity hotspots including famous restaurants and shopping destinations. With over forty years of experience in the industry, many Hollywood residents, including celebrities, trust King Iron Works when it comes to protecting and adorning their Hollywood Hills homes. With our headquarters only minutes from the infamous city, our team has spent many days installing handcrafted custom ironwork in the distinguished hills for many famous names. High quality wrought iron work is not only luxurious and aesthetically appealing, but it is a great choice for those who want to protect their privacy and increase the security of their Hollywood homes and businesses.

Channel your favorite celebrities and Hollywood stars by embellishing and protecting your home and family with glamorous and dependable wrought ironwork. Along with our time-tested designs, King Iron Works offers uniquely customized and hand forged wrought iron tailored for you and your family. No matter what unique and intricate project you have in mind, we can create exactly what you’ve dreamed for your property. With a lifetime dedicated to constructing distinctive iron designs, our lead designers will personally work with you to bring any design to life. Every single project, no matter how small, is given undivided attention to detail to ensure that our clients are beyond satisfied with both the process and the outcome.

The King Iron Works team has worked with many popular businesses throughout Hollywood and the Greater Los Angeles Area. Custom ironwork is a great way to improve the look and security of your retail store, office, or other commercial property. One of the many well-known businesses we have had the pleasure of working with is the infamous Coffee Bean. Our team has helped improve the patio landscape of the Coffee Bean West Hollywood Location. King Iron Works fabricated an outside railing to help accommodate more Coffee Beam customers and provide an area where they can enjoy their coffee or tea outdoors. The design of the railings included a flat top wood surface for the customers to use as a table. The railings also have horizontal steel cables, projecting the modern and stylish vibe that Coffee Bean is known for.

Whether you’re looking to add the glamour and protection of custom wrought ironwork to your home or business, our experienced and passionate team at King Iron Works is ready to fulfill your vision and provide you with a smooth and satisfying experience, from start to finish. Our warehouse and portfolio are filled with inspiration to help you determine the style and function that best fits your property and lifestyle.