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Fence “Secureight”

Fences are not only for security but also can have an attractive and decorative look and give an elegant look to your house. Our “Secureight” design is a great example of our creative craftmanship. It’s a very popular design loved by many of our Los Angeles customers who are looking for a strong security and a nice touch.
The design can be customized and any type of decorative ornaments can be added to the fence making it match with your theme. Before we start the fabrication you can get a free consultation with our designer and get a mockup or 3D design created to ensure the fence will meet you envisioned look.

Decorative Fence
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Fence “SimpleCom”

King Iron Works Simple Collection is designed with contemporary and minimalistic properties in mind. The simple fence within this collection aim for the linear over the organic, and feature sleek and simple designs and hardware that truly stand out. “The Simple” is previously and carefully handcrafted to create a clean look that divides the sleek and stunning fence into symmetric equal panels. This fence design will instantly improve the curb appeal and reflect the stylish design of your property. Whether your taste is traditional or contemporary, choosing King Iron Works means you are investing in the best quality iron works on the market today. Improve the curb appeal of your property at an affordable price.

Wrought Iron Fences in Los Angeles
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